Multi-Residential Applications

With 60 years of experience in the boiler business, make us your choice for commercial boilers.

Commercial boilers typically consume large amounts of energy. A poorly maintained boiler can incur even higher energy costs and pose significant safety liability issues for your business. CIG Heating has certified technicians trained in the latest techniques of the trade. Regular boiler maintenance is key to safe commercial boiler operation and the most efficiently running system possible. With our boiler system tune-ups, we can provide your corporation with piece of mind and energy cost savings to your bottom line.

Our Offerings in Commercial Heating


Expert installation matters. To ensure the comfort of your clients & employees, we focus on the details. From sales to design to installation, our dedicated team does the job right, guaranteed.


Commercial boilers are designed for long life with minimal attention. However, your boiler still requires regular inspections and maintenance to run properly and safely. Generally, an annual maintenance visit by a qualified professional is sufficient, though some modern high-efficiency models may need adjusting twice a year to keep them working at their peak.


CIG Heating has 60 years of field technical service experience with many brands, sizes and types of commercial boilers. Our top priority is to ensure the safety and optimal performance of every piece of equipment we work on.